Planning for your Christmas Staff Party

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Planning for your Christmas Staff Party

Planning for your Christmas Staff Party can be quite hectic at this time of year.  Shopping sales, work orders and family life always seem to be in full swing.  I have a few ideas that may help take the pressure off planning your work staff party, no matter how small or large.

Top Tips

Know your staff

Knowing your staff can be very easy when working in a small office or family environment.  Corporate events will mean more staff and more attention to detail when planning.  Take some time to ask your staff what they enjoy, would like to do for the day or presents that may suit.  This will make them enjoy the day more, and bring a good close to a hard working year.

Ways to Ensure your staff attend the Christmas Party

Many large corporations these days are opting to have a Christmas Staff Party onsite, and stop working earlier than usual.  This is a great way to ensure your staff will attend, and will be on time.

When planning a staff Christmas Party off-site there are a few top tips to keep attendance high.

I.e./ You have planned your Corporate Staff Party off-premise and have organised an off-site caterer for 150 guests and paid a large bar tab. On the night 50 staff doesn't show up and the atmosphere just isn't the same.  To avoid over catering, a good method is to charge staff an upfront deposit.  On the night return the deposit, or place funds into your Staff Social Club.

Providing Drinks for your Staff

If your staff party is onsite around work equipment, you may wish to eliminate alcohol or minimise the amount available for safety reasons.  Providing water, soft drinks and beverages is a good option.  Alcohol could be offered as a raffle prize for staff to take home.

If you function is held at a venue, with full bar there are a few ideas to keep costs down and yet offer a full service of drinks.  If most of your staff likes to drink spirits, you run the risk of an extremely high bar tab.  A great way to minimise over spending, giving your staff the option of drinking what they like, you can cap the price on drinks. 

I.e./ Offer full range of water, soft drinks, wine and beers, and simply charge the extra on the night.  A beer is $4 and spirits are $6, the deposit returned (to ensure attendance) can be used to cover the additional $2 for drinks.


Finger food and buffets are a great way to cater for Staff Christmas Parties.  This gives your staff the option to eat as much or as little as they choose on the day.  It is good to ask if there are vegetarians attending, so this can be catered if required.

Forward planning for your staff will maximise the flow on the evening, and allow your staff the time to relax and enjoy the fact they work for a great business that really looks after and appreciates their staff.

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Planning for your Christmas Staff Party

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This article was published on 2010/12/25