Name Badges For Your Customer Service Staff

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Many people fail to recognise the importance of sporting name badges, but for those people working in a customer service based role, they really are vital. They are used by staff in both private and public organisations all over the world, including airports, hospitals and a whole host of retail outlets.


By encouraging your staff to wear name badges in the workplace you can create an air of approachability. Customers can easily see who is an employee and that it is okay to approach them and they are there to help. Badges can also help form a bond between a member of staff and a customer. By providing the customer with a piece of information about the employee such as their name, it is establishing a relationship between the two. This can increase create a friendly atmosphere and increase the likelihood of return custom and repeat sales. So when you consider the small price you have paid for staff name badges, you will soon make this back through increased sales and revenue.


As well as improving relations between staff and customers, name badges can also foster staff relations. Sometime, in large organisations such as department stores, it is difficult for staff to get to know their colleagues, and by giving them access to a name, it can help to build friendships and increase familiarity in the workplace. This is especially relevant when new members of staff join the workforce - it can help existing members of staff to get to know their new colleague and vice versa, helping them integrate more easily into the team which is great for staff relations.


Staff wearing name badges are usually perceived by customers as more professional and smarter than their non-badge wearing counterparts. They are seen as friendlier and more likely to provide a better service. Badges will also encourage staff to interact more positively with customers and to take responsibility for their behavior. By becoming a named representative of the company, staff recognize that they are accountable for their behavior. Badges are also a great way of branding your company and advertising it to the general public.

Buy Badges Online

Using the Internet to search for your staff name badges can be a great idea, providing you with a huge selection of badges to choose from. Use online search engines to locate a huge range of badge manufacturers and thousands of great products. It is, of course, fine to shop in store, but you will have a much small selection of badges to choose from, and you will miss out on the great affordable prices that online retailers offer. Many online retailers also offer cut price deals should you choose to buy in bulk - which is likely if you are purchasing for a large number of staff. The Internet can provide you a massive range of styles and designs of name badges, including great quality eco-badges which are made from recycled materials which are great if you are trying help save the environment!
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Name Badges For Your Customer Service Staff

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    cathy- 2011/02/04 18:39:50 pm

    It's a small gesture that will come a long way as far as goodwill is concerned.

This article was published on 2010/11/17