Catering Equipment Can Boost Staff Morale

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There are many different elements that management have to consider when looking after their team and there is no doubt that people management skills are important. Looking after income and figures and output are all essential elements for a manager to have but sometimes the biggest impact a manager can have is in knowing how to get the best results from their staff.

A little bit of psychology can go a long way and understanding what people want and need in their workplace can help them to feel better about their job and to get better results. Employees are likely to all want different things but when it comes to humans, there are basic needs and sleep, food and water are essential for people. A company may not be able to greatly assist in helping their staff get to sleep but they can provide good kitchen or canteen facilities to ensure staff can be properly fed and watered during the working day.

There is no doubt that a tea or coffee break is essential for many employees in order to allow them to take a break from their work. Even in a busy office, continually slaving away in front of a computer can be counter-productive and small breaks are encouraged. Not every company has a regimented tea break that all employees must take but allowing staff to take a few moments to get away from their desk and have a drink can get better results. It is also good for staff morale as it can provide a setting where employees catch up with other friends and colleagues.

One issue that some firms will have concerns about with regards to tea breaks though is the length of time that people spend away from their desk. Depending on how many cups of tea or coffee are being consumed a day, a large part of the working day can be taken up on these breaks. Waiting on kettles to boil can take a long time, especially if a person is making a lot of cups for their colleagues so perhaps introducing an urn can speed up the process.

An urn can be installed in a kitchen area which provides boiling water at the turn of a tap, greatly reducing the amount of time taken for people to make their drinks. This can see people back at their desk in a far shorter period of time than compared to waiting for a kettle to be boiled.
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Catering Equipment Can Boost Staff Morale

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This article was published on 2011/04/12