6 Ways To Boost Staff Morale

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There are so many ways to boost staff morale. From incentives to celebrations and employing a commercial cleaning service to make your office a pleasant place to work, we've got some great ideas to help boost the staff morale in any workplace.

Always reward good work
One of the most important things you can do to boost staff morale is to always reward good work. This can be anything from movie tickets to a bottle of wine, but acknowledging someone when they have done a great job makes people feel valued and they are guaranteed to work better and feel good about themselves too.

Similarly, when someone has worked at your company for a number of years, it is always a good idea to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to the business.

Keep the kitchen well stocked with coffee and tea
A well stocked kitchen full of hot drinks and biscuits is important so staff can keep fueled for the day ahead. It also means that there is no need to go outside of the office to get their fix of caffeine every few hours which will also mean less time away from the office and work.

Celebrate birthdays and personal milestones
Acknowledging when it is someones birthday, if someone is pregnant or any other important milestone in a persons life. This can be done by a small afternoon tea for staff, and it doesn't need to cost the earth either. A few packets of crackers, some dip and some soft drinks can be all that's needed.

Have occasional work dinners or lunches
Treating employees to a lunch or dinner out is a great way to boost staff morale, make the staff feel valued, and can also be a great team building exercise. You could even do a fun activity they all enjoy like bowling or rock climbing.

Offer training when at all possible
All staff need to feel like they can access the training and development they need when necessary. If there is a training service available to them that will help them do the tasks required of them, send them on the course. By investing in them, they will feel like a valued asset to the company.

Alternatively, have a system put in place so that if they see a course they would like to do, they can submit it to the relevant people for review.

Make the office a pleasant environment to be in
An office space should always be kept clean and be a pleasant place to work. If you don't already have an office cleaning service that regularly cleans your office you may want to consider hiring one. Not only is a clean office important for staff to be able to work efficiently and effectively, it is also important if you have clients visiting your workplace.

Having happy staff is important for any business. I hope our tips for boosting staff morale have given you some ideas that you can implement in your own office.
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6 Ways To Boost Staff Morale

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This article was published on 2010/10/01