10 Mistakes A Leader In The Hr

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At the head is the entire responsibility for building a successful business strategy and tactics development, decision making, organization of personnel policies and many other duties.

Consider the typical mistakes made by the head.

1. If you visit any revolutionary idea, you should first discuss it with the team. Even if you think that "all the moves are calculated and you are sure that your idea will work for your business - it is still worth to listen to the opinion of the team, to listen to all the comments and additions.

What does a typical arrogant leader? Collects meeting, emotionally talks about his idea and what plan of action, intoxicated vision of the result, a negative response to the warnings of staff and refuses to consider the comments. Yes, success in business is impossible without the risk and faith in our own strength, but it's also worth to listen to the staff.

2. Self-confidence, ability to take risks and skills are always among the qualities of a successful leader. But if your belief is transformed into an unwavering conviction of his innocence, it is a big mistake, which is very distracting. When self-confident leader dissuaded from his "blind" idea - he does not want to listen to anyone, and then, when the result is not justified, the head pushes all his subordinates by accusing them of failing organizations.

3. In each company over time are employees who are trying to convey to the head of the mistakes he made - bad decisions, bad policies, ineffective organization, etc. Intelligent leader should listen and draw their own conclusions, but unfortunately, most managers ignore such comments. Yet they usually say: "if someone something is not happy, I did not keep." It is at least irrational, as such a leader deprives himself of the opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the work, as well as gain valuable work experience with the staff.

4. The next mistake is to ban staff to decide petty problem situations and even the inability to express their opinions. Of course it is not necessary to give full freedom to employees of his company, but also completely prohibit the handling of a business is not worth it. Conversely, allowing employees to exercise their professional skills and to solve small problems, you teach them responsibility.

5. Greatly lower the morale of staff emotional outbursts leader. Even if your co-worker made a mistake, you should first listen to it, and then explain how the next time you need to do in this situation - it will be much more efficient for your staff than just yell, floated the obscenities.

6. Another big mistake many managers is that they are constantly abused subordinates and never praise. Yes, there are situations when employees make mistakes and they should be scolded, but to raise the efficiency of its personnel, you should learn to praise their employees.

7. Conflicts among staff may arise due to the fault manager. For example, if it creates unequal conditions for their employees, plus giving a higher percentage than others. It may also be expressed in the resolution to go to their personal business for some employees, while others bind to write a statement. If you want to avoid conflicts among the staff, treat all equally.

8. It happens that two staff members occupy the same position, such as Computer Operator. Here, managers often make the mistake of loading the work of only one staff member. This is due to the fact that one of them, for example, often doing his job, or faster. Such actions can cause the head of discontent among the staff, and therefore, better to give employees work equally or dismiss those who are considered superfluous.

9. It is important to remember that business is responsible. First of all before him. It often happens that the leader takes to his work a boyfriend or girlfriend. Yes, certainly it is very practical when you have someone to talk to in their spare time, go to the cafe at lunchtime, but the development of your company is obviously not going to help. At work, you should not have any friends, except that if they are not top-notch professionals. Do not put personal sympathies to the detriment of the professionalism of your company.

10. Irresponsibility of the head may cause a decrease in profits for your company. It is considered that only employees can forget about the instruction to ignore the order and delay the issuance of the report. But often there are situations where the head goes the same way. If you is about your reputation, it makes sense to always be mindful of their promises.
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10 Mistakes A Leader In The Hr

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This article was published on 2010/12/24